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Definitions   Definitions & History of Meanings
Background of Modern Churches
How to Identify False Translations
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First, Read the very last Article for the entire Website,, Summary

"The satan's Secret" (Link)

Section I. Introduction. We shall just briefly introduce an understanding of our New Age Society and so-called Church as compared to previous years in America.

Section II. The First Principles of Fundamentalism. BASICS   We shall point out the basic differences between the scriptures and what these New Age "grace" regardless people and other cults teach about God, Christ, Lord, sin, salvation, faith, believe, assurance, repentance, and even what a Christian is (10 items). The "tall tail" sign of the New Age Fundamentalism is many redefinitions of plain scriptural words and the irrationality by which they interpret child simple scriptures.

Section III. Background of Fundamentalism. ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE   We shall lay the foundation of applying the Fundamental Truths, The First Principles, concerning God, ourselves, our warfare, Hermeneutics (sound logical thinking), understanding and applying Greek, and exactly what the Gospel is. This is the means of integrating our thinking into a thorough coherent systematic understanding of the scriptures and the Godhead, without contradictions or unanswered questions.

After you have been given the details of rational thinking and interpreting of scriptures in Hermeneutics, we will then go into the details of the Greek scriptures. Then irrational thinking in doctrines will become obvious to you, so that you will be able to recognize it. A clear understanding of what rational thinking is, and also what rational thinking is not, is mandatory to clearly discern thinking that is irrational and unscriptural.

Then you will be able to discern unsound doctrines for yourself, "to sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear (1 Peter 3:15)."

Section IV. Heretical New Age Fundamentalism.   ENABLED UNDERSTANDINGS   We shall give the application of what you have learned in the preceding articles on this website to the New Age Prophecy and New Age Salvation Doctrines.

Appendices.  BACKGROUND OF UNDERSTANDINGS   Here are helpful explanations to give background understanding to those not experienced in systematic theology.

SUMMARY OF LATTER DAYS.  A summary, in a concise short article, of exactly what the foretold great apostasy of these latter days of this age comprises, and how it came about.   Read it and weep.   

                              Expanded Description of Sections & Appendicies:

Section I. Introduction to New Age Changes Within Fundamentalism

Changes in New Age Society and Fundamental Church     Separation no longer practiced. Indifference to sin called "tolerance."     "Impossible to find a true untainted Fundamental Church"
Brief Introduction to Today's New Age Fundamentalism     Beliefs and behavior no longer affect salvation, they say.     New Age beliefs concerning antichrist have arisen for first time

Section II.  Fundamentalism vs. New Age Fundamentalism in First Principles

This New Age so-called Fundamental Church has to a great extent lost an understanding of the meaning and purposes of the First Principles (God, Christ, Lord, sin, salvation, faith, believe, assurance, repentance, and even what a Christian is---ten terms) taught by the Apostles. Heretical teachings within today's New Age Fundamentalism have changed all their definitions.

An understanding of doctrinal error in history and of repentance, believing, faith, and salvation have been largely lost in most of the Christian community, even among those who consider themselves very strict knowledgeable Fundamentalists.

Fundamentalism and New Age Fundamentalism Defined     What is Fundamentalism? What is New Age Fundamentalism?     This article is a "must" read to understand ALL the issues today.
Cults, Defined and Described     A clear definition that gives precise understanding and recognition.
Catholics, Defined and Described     Have not changed. Ignorant people deceived.
Repentance, Fundamental and New Age Definitions     Totally redefined in recent years so that salvation is prevented.
Believing, Fundamental and New Age Definitions     Totally redefined in recent years so that salvation is prevented.
Faith, Fundamental and New Age Definitions     One of the best kept secrets in the world. Meaning totally lost among everyone, including 99% of so-called Fundamentalists. Only dead works result, causing sanctification to be totally perverted. This ignorance supports all types of false teachings and practices within Fundamentalism at which the unbelieving cast ridicule.

Section III. Background of True Fundamentalism

Besides a departure from the Basic Principles of Christianity concerning repentance, believing, and faith; an understanding of doctrinal explanations explaining God and our individual responsibilities as Christians have been so distorted that only chaos reigns in the multitude of teachings and practices in the so-called Christian Church. A historical doctrinal understanding of our God, His scriptures, and His purposes in our salvation and lives is generally farcical today.

Principles of Existence     God's attributes are the origin and mode of all His Works and Doctrines.
Our Life in Christ     A life lived by faith is different.
Our Warfare     God's Attributes are the basis of demon workings as well as defeat.
Hermeneutics, Defined with good vs. deceptive.     The scripturally taught science of rational thinking and interpretation of anything is our solid foundation of understanding scripture and doctrines or anything. This is not an art form, as some would teach. God works through a sound mind. The thinking of the world or of any religion is not that of a sound mind; it is the thinking of its god, satan.
New Testamant Greek and Heresy     The precise Greek language of the New Testament destroys heretical teachings and, with sound Hermeneutics, is a sure guide to sound doctrine.
The True Gospel     What the true Apostolic gospel of Jesus Christ is has been lost in the past 115 years in this country.
God's Love      Ecumenicals today have not the slightest idea of what God's Love is, or anything about it.  This has caused one of three choices, which we all make whether we deliberately do or not.
Today's New Age Problem      Demons are controlling the minds of the masses of people in so-called churches today.  Their attendees are made irrational and morally incompetent.  The few Christians today can find little fellowship.
Atonement     Most calling themselves Christians today are totally deceived about the Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ in accomplishing our New Creation Fellowship/Relationship to Him for Eternity.  It is plainly taught by His Word, but hidden by modern Bible teachers.  Understanding the details of what our Lord actually did should change you.
Justification and Sanctification     If one does not know what the saving purpose of our Lord in coming to earth was (His Atonement for us), an understanding of our justification and sanctification for salvation cannot be understood.  And incidentally, who knows what justification or sanctification mean?   Why translate the plain Greek nouns and verbs, perfectly understandable, into these invented nouns and verbs, like sanctification / justification and sanctify / justify? Doesn't this support any false doctrine desired?  What are they hiding?  Ans: their false doctrines.
Final JUDGMENT--Good vs evil/sin     Finally, upon what single simple impartial basis will both the saved and the lost be finally judged for Heaven or hell?  You will be quite surprised, astounded, to learn what all the scriptures plainly say it is.  Our God is impartial in all His Just Judgments.  Also, what does evil and sin and Goodness of God and His Restoration of us have to do with it?  These issues are covered in complete and concise detail.

Section IV
. Heretical New Age Fundamentalism in Salvation and Prophesy

Only some understanding of the errors of doctrines and exegesis previously discussed will allow a person to comprehend these summations of the heretical doctrines, love, and the anticipated future discussed in this section.

New Age Salvation     Heretical nonsense, its origin and thinking
New Age Prophecy     Heretical nonsense, its origin and thinking
Love, New Age Redefinition in a New Age Church     Two opposing forces becoming apparent in these last days.     New Age "love" is intolerant and hateful to those who resist their apostasy.     God's Love requires opposition to the false and evil.
New One World Order     Our predicted future and answer


An Open Letter and Challenge from Jonathan Edwards     This illustrates how historically totally heretical and evil Dispensationalism taught by Dallas Theological Seminary (actually Cemetery) teachings are.  Anyone graduating are like dead men walking.

Historic Premillennial Posttribulationism (Post-Trib Pre-Wrath Rapture)     The postrib prewrath understanding believed and written about by apostolic and early church elders of first-second-third century and for next 1930 years by all Anabaptist (not Augustinian Roman Catholic or Calvinist) believers, except for three or four rare single writings through the centuries and numerous single false prophets setting dates for our Lord's presumed imminent return.

Time Line of Prophecy     A complete and detailed Time Line of Prophecy with detailed scriptures included.  Also, below the Time Line is a complete explanation in details of purposes and relationships as taught by scriptures.

7 Churches of Revelation 2 & 3   A detailed examination of each church era as it perfectly fits the historic chronological order from beginning to end of all churches in this Age of the satanic world system.

Calvinist and Arminian Differences (contrasted with "grace" regardless teachings of Dispensationalism)   Have you ever seen a concise clear outline (diagram) and exposition of exactly the differences between Calvinist and Arminian (Arminius) beliefs?  Here is one!

Critique of Calvinism     Calvinists like to brag about their exegetics. We can't understand why.   
A detailed exegetical analysis of each of the Calvinists scripture arguments against Arminianism.  This includes 11 scripture references Calvinists depend on for scriptural argumentation.  All Calvinism in any form or part can be seen to derive from one false concept described by Roman Catholic Augustine (c.400 AD) based on his earlier Manicheanism.  This is the Calvinist understanding of Election which is totally pagan in origin, not at all found in scripture.  Augustine was made a Doctor by the later Roman Catholic Church for his formulation of every concept and practice of all Roman Catholic Theology throughout history.

Augustine     In history, Origen, Constantine, and Augustine are the three men who have possibly done the most damage to Christianity throughout history.

Rhythm in the church.     A modern New Age demonic phenomenon.


We are now in the Laodicean Church (Rev 3), the last time period of the NT church upon the earth.  This is a very sad time for those whose first Love is their Lord and His Assembly of saints. 

Remember, the Lord returns with His saints, and His tongue is a sharp sword.  The devil's tongue has always been that of a forked-tongue serpent; he and his followers are liars, deceivers, hypocrites, and haters of all Good, even calling themselves Christians.  Again, they may all be labeled "c"hristians, playing church throughout these latter few years of the last days, of the present Emerging church uniting all people, even satanists, and all world religions united. 

The original written words of Greek scripture NT translated into hundreds of world languages will be so corrupted with their idiomatic languages derived from the satan's (rebeller) world jargons within each culture that it will be unknown in these latter days.  And supporting all the false doctrines derived in all their idiomatic origination's through the centuries, that the Word of God will hardly be known at all in the world, as it already is in these times, even in the KJV 1611 English translation. not to mention all the modern translations existing 400 years later. 

Systematic Theology
    A Christian of some long time who cannot give a reasoned plain scriptural answer for all his doctrinal beliefs, without allegories (first defined and promoted by Origen),  or without deductive thinking (first defined and promoted by Aristotle) with unscriptural assertions, without internal contradictions found only by inductive thinking ("scientific thinking," first defined and promoted by Sir Francis Bacon in 1601 and 1607), or unanswered questions, has been either a lazy or a deceived person, regardless of his position in life.

Apostasy Today   A summary, in a concise detailed article, of exactly what the foretold great apostasy of these latter days of this age comprises, and how it came about.   Read it and weep.

The satan's secret   
A summary of the satan's means of deceiving the whole world by remaining at the tree of knowledge of public schools, Seminaries (actually Cemeteries), Bible schools, and Assemblies (churches) to deceive by linguistic means through the centuries to resulting complete blindness of the most devout of so-called Christians to the knowledge of their Creator God and His provided Salvation to them.  So much is this deception that God's Word says that in the last day the satan's entire world will knowingly deliberately go to war against God Himself. 

By giving address to this website reference, you may freely quote from this website except for money or profit. "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? (Rom 8:32)." "Freely ye have received, freely give (Matt. 10:8)."

[[    ATTENTION: The quotes or references given in articles in this website of any names, quotes, articles, or even recommended websites is NOT AN  INTENTION TO ENDORSE ALL OF THE BELIEFS, writings, or behaviors of the particular writers. The reference only expresses the quoted portions or websites for purposes of considered truth or illustration, and to give documented origins for interpretations or statements.  Indeed, quotes are made at times of people whose beliefs we may totally disagree, as will be plainly evident from explanations throughout the website. 

A few have said that "one should only quote from people with whom one agrees in all things." This may seem a moral and noble desire to those that say this.  But their stating this cannot possibly have anything reasonable to do with the purpose of ANY quote in any literature by anyone at anytime or anywhere, even in the Bible.  See footnote.1

Any quotes or references are only to give proper origination to exact or similar statements or beliefs by writers and nothing more in any literature.  A website (or any literature) with factual statement material that may be so rich from so many authors, on so many subjects, but including only those with which one totally agrees in all things of the quoted author, would be a pretty sorry and extremely restrained and impoverished literature.   Freely quoting is a convention that must be practiced in any writing.   ]]

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