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Our Belief
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Definitions   Definitions & History of Meanings
Background of Modern Churches
How to Identify False Translations
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Dark Ages Calvinism had composed and originated the terminology in all our English scriptures from their earliest translations and in all translations today.  Arminianism and Wesleyanism have been hindered for centuries because of being caught in the falsehoods of Catholic and Calvinist invented words and phraseology in all English scriptures, even in all modern translations.  This has been the great cause that Arminianism and Wesleyanism failed to take their place in the forefront of theological thought in the Christian world, despite the efforts of many fine apologists for the last four centuries. 

Bible Believers' Fellowship Ottawa   This is a clear, concise, INSTRUCTIVE message relating to salvation.  Its salvation teaching and also its salvation tracts offered are excellent and so scriptural and true.   An unusual find in this day of so much wide spread and false teachings today concerning salvation.   Millions are headed for hell according to the scriptures and, sadly, most all think they are SAVED and on their way to Heaven.    It's links of English, French, and Russian on this Canadian site are also very edifying.   One of few websites today that explains true salvation.  Thankfulness to God for its author.           VERY VERY HIGHLY  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Arminian Website

Bjos Ministries  A daily updated scholarly oversight of political and social occurrences affecting Christianity today.  The detailed insights and extensive news of significance to Christian concerns are truly amazing and breathtaking.  The author of this website does a remarkable and scholarly job.  Many scriptures and biblical teachings and chronologies are also available to GREATLY encourage and help SPIRITUALLY..  This website is truly wonderful in content and helps.  We thank God for its author.         

Eternal Security      What the Bible says
about Eternal Security and other important doctrines.  The purpose of this web site is to cause the believer in Christ to examine what the Bible says about sin and security, and many important doctrinal issues, and to encourage them not to base their eternal souls on what some Christian teacher or theologian thinks about it. He who bases his eternal destiny upon what some man teaches is a fool.  What does the Bible say to you, as a little child?   This website is loaded with much CORRECT Theology.  See its Glossary of Theological terms and associated articles linked to definitions.  Very, very extensive.  See its associated website, Biblical Theology, for INSTRUCTIVE descriptions of different Theological systems; and, ALSO, associated apologetics and issues.   VERY  VERY  HELPFUL Arminian websitesHIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Light House Trails Project     In this Post-Modern Era of seeking ghosts and goblins and spiritual self-realizations in exchange for being "narrow" minded and bigoted, this website exposes all the modern day teachers and preachers who reject narrow scripture teachings and pursue New Age mysticism. This includes the Emerging Church movement and Contemplative Prayer among many other squirrelly things. This site is Dispenstional, but is a most needed exposure of what in 1995 people would have thought total foolishness.  But it is now becoming mainstream "c"hristian thinking and practice.  
A beautiful and well run, daily updated, website.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Our Creator God

1. Who is God to us?
2. God's Purposes
3. Who are we to God?
4. God's Attributes
5. Priority of Attributes
6. Truth, Next Attribute
7. Highest Attribute
8. Holiness Scriptures
9. Man's Purpose
10. No Sin Permissible
11. Covenants of God
12. Christ's Laws

A. Sons of God
B. Dear Brother
C. Cessationism
D. How to be Saved
E. Let us Reason
F. Verbal Inerrancy
G. Knowing Scripture

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