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Summary -> The satan’s Secret

The satan's Secret Work Revealed


First of all, we must define what we mean by religion.  Any religion is the organization of ones life according to a form of ultimacy and transcendence to provide norms (principles) for the rest of ones life.  Every individual has a religion whether he or she wishes to admit it.  For instance, even when an individual thinks he has no religion, his religion is humanism (1 Cor 3:20), and his worship is of himself and whatever are his own self preferences.


"Arnold Toynbee, after studying civilizations across the whole span of history, concluded that self-worship was the paramount religion of mankind, although it appeared in various guises." (Seduction of Christianity, by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon).


So there has arisen in our present day a religion so subtle that the satan (rebeller) of this world, his kingdom, has deceived all men into a religion of worshiping themselves, without the slightest bit of inkling to the person practicing such a religion, that he is doing this.  No name is given to this religion.  But it is simply self-worship, self-determinism in all aspects, self-preferences in all aspects --  I will, I think, I decide, I believe, I am sorry, I trust, I love, I worship, I pray, I accept, I whatever I determine, I, I, I,....   It pervades all modern biblical teachings and churches.   It is entirely a secret means of deceiving all men, unless they are extremely careful in one thing.  DONT BE DECEIVED BY THE TRADITION OF MEN (sinful flesh natured) (Col 2:8; Matt 15:3,6; Matt 7:9, 13).  These traditions having arisen by mans' "sinful flesh nature thinking," no matter how devoutly intentioned, they are vain self-serving deceit.  Exactly the same as the satan's thinking!!


In actual fact, most all religions and Christian Denominations of the world in history, including even New Age Fundamental Christianity, have been blinded into doing this New (Age) One World Religion, produced by this one secret process of deception of the satan. 


So-called Fundamental Christianity is in fact today, its most ardent backer.  Yes, so-called Christianity has been taken complete captive by the devils deception in these last days.  Is it little wonder that our Lord Jesus Christ, asked whether, he would find Faith on earth when he returns (Luke 18:8).




In 1526, the first English translation of the original Greek text of the New Covenant (Testament) scriptures at that time occurred, by William Tyndale.  In this he translated the Greek word, pisteuo, into the verb, to believe, in the various forms of any verb to us, as believing, believed, etc.   


As illustration, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, etc.  In those days (1400-1500's AD), if you believed something, you would fight anyone to the death if he challenged or hindered your belief or practice of it. They even carried swords for that purpose.   You had committed your life to whatever you believed. It was considered an inviolate principle if you believed something as True, because it was absolute Truth, upon which you would stake your life, and everyone must live or die according to their "principles" (good or bad) of factual Truth, and Christ is Truth.


In other words, people took their personal Truth as their religion, their ultimacy and transcendent norms.  Today, the word, believing, has been degraded by simplistics of idiomatics of different languages through the centuries to simply "having a thought about something" and nothing more.  


This was most all honest men's religion:

Three Stages of man's Religion in History.

(1)  Their (1400's and 1500's)  ultimacy and transcendent principles for their living, was to live their lives according to principles of Truth as they saw it, but finally reasoned that dueling and killing was senseless.

(2) Then they even began to allow others to have their Truth, so long as they allowed your Truth for you. America's Constitution (1787, enforced 1789) was founded upon this. This used to be called tolerance until about 1970's.

(3) Now (2017) tolerance is redefined as accepting anothers truth as being as acceptable as your own.  This is a tremendous change hardly recognized by societies, deceived to think this is being loving to all our so-called brothers of a One World humanity today (again, self-determination). 

We can see how meanings of words have changed even in our lifetimes, according to what we think the ultimacy and transcendent norms should be (their religion, not realizing it is a religion nevertheless).  Notice the subtle ways their religion has changed, and the concrete changes resulting with each change.  Absolutely amazing!!



Obviously, as one of highest priorities of the satan in his world kingdom, three key words must have their Biblical True meanings changed.  Their True Biblical meaning is:

Repent = to reject yourself as a sinful human nature person in great grief of offending your Loving Lord and Holy Father, turning to them for serving them Eternally, wanting desperately their forgiveness and their guidance.

Commit = to subject yourself under the orders of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ and His Father.

And AFTER your repenting and committing to the Father and the Son, They give you

Faith = the Holy Spirit Mind of Christ Indwelling your spirit, to Whom you committed to serve for Eternity, was Given to you to Direct, Reveal, Teach, Assure, Gift, and Empower to Do God-Good Works of God the Father, not your own works (Eph 2:8-10).

God's Final Judgment = Impartial and Just, of all men (Saved or lost) = What sort of work do you have?  Any Work of God Himself through you? -OR- Only work of your own self-choosing?  (See Rom 2:6-11; Rev 22:12; and 50 other scriptures saying same thing.)


Since by conforming to an original understanding of these most important terms, all men might be saved out of the satan's kingdom by Christ's incarnate (Sinless) flesh nature dying on His Cross to provide a RELEASE from man's sinful flesh nature, taken into Christ's Grave TO Purify man for Obedience of Faith (Rom 1:5 and 16:26, Christ Coming Inside you), and RESTORE him to Holy and Righteous Fellowship/Relationship with the Father and Son, according to the Revelation of the Mystery, which was kept secret since the satan's world began (Rom 16:26), CHRIST INSIDE YOU, the Expectation of Glory (Spiritual Perfection, Col 1:27). 

Since God cannot have any Relationship with un-Holiness or un-Righteousness in any manner, Christ came incarnate to earth to Die in our behalf to Take our sinful flesh natures to His Grave, so that He could Triumphantly Rise to Give to us His Holy Spirit Life Now and for Eternity with Him and His Father in Personal Fellowship.  Oh, that you may now be crying tears in deep joy for this beyond our dreams. 

Romans 8:1-15  (TPW, The Pure Word)

No condemnation Inside Christ
   So then, now no condemnation to destruction Inside Christ Jesus, no more continuously by their choice walking according to the sinful flesh nature, but definitely according to the Spirit.
2    For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (fixed nature in New Covenant), has made me Free from the Law of sin nature and sin, even death (fixed nature in Old Covenant).

3    Because the impossible of the Law (of Old Covenant), in that it was weak by the sinful flesh nature, God then sent His own Son in the Likeness of sinful flesh nature of sin, and then in regard to sin nature and sin, Condemned to Death the sin nature and sin in His Likeness of sinful flesh nature,

We Fulfill Righteousness of Law
4    That the Righteous Action of the Law should be made Fulfilled in us, who are Continuously Walking by our choice not according to sinful flesh nature, but definitely According to the Spirit.
5    Yet they that are continuously according to sinful flesh nature, are by their choice continuously regarding of value the things of the sinful flesh nature, but they According to the Spirit, the Things of the Spirit
6    Because the mind of the sinful flesh nature is death, but the Mind of the Spirit, Life and Peace.
7    Since the mind of the sinful flesh nature, enmity toward God, for it is definitely not made subject to the Law of God, because not able to be.

In the flesh you cannot please God
8    So then they that are being in sinful flesh nature are definitely not able to please God.
9    But you, yourselves, definitely are not in sinful flesh nature, but Definitely in the Spirit, if it be so the Spirit of God is Dwelling in you. But if anybody is definitely not having by his choice the Spirit of Christ, he is definitely not of Him.

If Christ Inside you, flesh is dead

10    And if Christ Within you, the body actually dead because of sin nature and sin; but the Spirit, Life because of Righteousness.
11    But if the Spirit of Him that Raised up Jesus out from the Dead, is Dwelling in you, He that Raised Up the Christ out from the Dead, shall be by His Choice Offering Spiritual Life also to our mortal bodies, by Him that is Indwelling your spirit Inside you. (1 Cor 6:17)
12    So then, therefore, Brethren, we are debtors, definitely not to the sinful flesh nature, to be living by your choice according to sinful flesh nature.
13    Because if you are living by your choice according to sinful flesh nature, we are expecting by our choice to die. But if you are continuously by your choice putting to Death in body the deeds of the body, you shall be Living by the Spirit.
14    Because as many as are Continuously Made Led by the Spirit of God, they are Continuously the Sons of God.
15    Because you have definitely not received by your choice the spirit of bondage of evil, again to fear, but definitely you have Received by your choice the Spirit of Adoption, by Whom we are Crying out by our choice, Abba, Father.

THIS WAS CHRIST'S ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THE CROSS, being Buried, and Resurrected, called the Gospel, Good News (1 Cor 15:1-3).  This was taught by all His Apostles as being mans' Salvation Offered.  Also, all their Greek scriptures of the New Covenant plainly taught WHY and HOW this Great Salvation was for sinful flesh natured mans' Salvation, if man would only Repent and Commit to Christ's Indwelling Lordship for Eternity.


None of this was taught by Roman Catholic Archbishop, Anselm's, invented theory of Penal Substitution Atonement (1098 AD), which is totally not found in any Greek scriptures.  There is NOT ONE SCRIPTURE saying Christ was the object of God's Wrath, nor that Christ was punished for our sins on the cross, nor that He died to remove our guilt, nor that He paid a penalty, nor that He paid our debtAll mankind was given death as a result of Adams's sin.  This was already man's status of Judgment upon sin.  Christ came to remove that Judgment of death from us, not to pay for some sins already judged.  Man was already judged for his sin from Adam's death judgment already given form the Garden of Eden.   But subsequent Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, and Dispensationalists have made it a sacred orthodox doctrine teaching, false traditions of men, resulting in many false blasphemous translations and teachings since, sending millions to hell.    Satan does his best work in Bible schools (stories), Seminaries (cemeteries), and Nicolaitan hireling pastors of so-called churches, sending hundreds of millions to hell over nineteen centuries.  See Section 3, "Atonement," articles in


The satan has achieved his goal remarkably through the centuries by changing the languages with idioms and allegorizings, giving multiple meanings.  He has destroyed the True original meaning today by injecting man's self worship into all meanings:

Repent = feel sad or sorry or apologetic for sin, or to think it involves same as believing.

Commit = Believe = a mental notation of sorts (not realizing that in William Tyndale's day (1527) believing meant committing. So we are simply told to believe as his original English translation said.  But to us today, believe means to simply have a mental notation of any sort.

Faith = Believe = trust = accept because of synonyms through the idiomatics of languages through the centuries.  Faith has been the satan's best kept secret. 


****  Notice, that today these modern meanings of these three critical words are simply mans' mental originations, "their own self thinking only, self-determinations only,"  and nothing more.  Arnold Toynbee's observation years ago becomes plainly evident and that Man worships himself under many disguises.  Isn't this just as the satan wants?  ****


However, the satan had greatly lost the battle against Christ and His Father by not knowing that he should not have caused the crucifixion of Christ, which now lays the foundation of God's provision to save all men from the satan's world kingdom, of all the sinful flesh natured men won by the satan when Adam and Eve fell.


1 Cor 2:6-9   Howbeit we speak Wisdom among them that are Perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought:

7 But we speak the Wisdom of God in a Mystery, even the hidden Wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our Glory:

8 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.

9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that Love Him.


But now that Christ's Great HIDDEN Salvation has become known to man, satan's best strategy is to cause a redefinition of important WORDS, the words, Commit, Repent, Faith, and mans' free choice.  This he could easily do by affecting the minds of scholars and book writers to redefine these words in their meanings and writings through the centuries.  After all, the satans very best work has always been done at the tree of knowledge, not only at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil in the Garden, but at all the trees of knowledge (Bible Schools and Seminaries and so-called churches) through the Age of fallen sinful flesh natured man. 


And the satan (rebeller) sees no reason to leave his place of his highest achievements.  And all he has to do is continue the first deception method throughout his world society kingdom of fallen men whom he can most easily control through their now sinful flesh natures, and he will achieve all his goals: totally deceived people of all the world, with himself ultimately worshiped by all the world as a god.


FREE CHOICE, also perverted in stages, as last need of the satan.  The last redefinition he must yet fully accomplish is the term man"s free choice Once he fully redirects this in mens' minds, he will then be able to make himself known to his world of sinful flesh natured mankind for worship as a god.  A no-principled, self-determinate mind, chooses the satan's world as best.    


(1)  No free choice. 

In the earliest times after Christs resurrection, the satans first obvious attempt at this was when through pagan religions he instituted no free choice in man, instituted through Augustines (400 AD) teachings coming out of Augustines earlier following of pagan Persian Manicheanism, which taught exactly that man had no free choice, he was purely evil only.   So Roman Catholicism (300-500) and later Lutheranism (1517) and Calvinism (1535 AD), all taking Augustines  teachings (400 AD), upheld the principles of a sovereign God who inscrutably elected so and damned the rest to hell, and of a church (run by lords of the land or an internal hierarchy) predominate and man having no choice in salvation apart from listening to the hierarchy of the churchs' teachings and doctrines


(2)  Nicolaitanism (hierarchy, subject self-determination, your free choice, to another) is then established in all so-called Catholic churches, and all following churches since.


(3)  Choice is totally only to consider what anyone only self-determines for his own individual salvation under Christ.

Then the nail in the coffin concerning choice came with Dispensationalism (Darby in 1830).  Dispensationalism teaches that man can choose to believe (have a mental notation) that he is a sinner and believe=trust=accept Jesus as his Savior, but no need to accept Him as your Lord, in order to have unconditional Eternal Security. They say, There is no longer any need to obey Him as your Lord or even try to be Good or have any good works, or even any moral Good intentions.  They clearly teach this in their voluminous writings.  Doing any of these simply give you rewards after you are first guaranteed to get into Heaven, they say.


This, of course, eliminates the need of the Holy Spirit Mind of Christ indwelling to gift, reveal, assure, teach, empower, or direct in the way of any God-Good Works of God.  Thus, we have the Calvinist and Dispensational Cessationists today who even teach we only have to read the Bible, and do what you think it says to do, self-determination again,  this is our leading by the Holy Spirit, they say.

Demonic !! 


Also, very importantly, they teach that you are born as an infant baby with faith (which they equate with believe=trust=accept) by which if you ever exercise it toward God once, you are saved for Eternity.  Your free choice is yours to direct your faith after a natural babys birth, simply to choose to say a prayer to God in your faith, which is your mental notation of Him, one time only needed for a guaranteed Heaven.  This is directly the satan's teachings for his ways.


So now one becomes a son of god, simply by your mental notation one time only.  And you have this ability by your faith you inherently are born with as any human baby has. This is Dispensationalism since 1830 and now believed throughout the so-called Christian world. Again, born into the world as a dead sinful flesh natured man, doing only your self-choosing, just as your god the satan.


(4) You are inherently born into this world as a son of God (with faith), if you only start to think like it, make a simple mental notation about Christ having died for your sins, and you are guaranteed Eternal Heaven, regardless.  That is all that is required for you to think just like the satan..


(5) So now, in Summary, the satan (rebeller) has firmly established through tradition of man's blinded teachings:

1.    Listen to hierarchy, no need to search and study the scriptures for yourselves, seeking what Truth is, as taught by the Holy Spirit.

2.    You are born into this world as inherently possessing faith (which is your ability to trust or accept by mental notation), and your thinking directed to God, will simply make you become a son of God.

3.    Nothing else, no God-Good Works of God, no obedience to God as Lord, no God-Good intentions, are necessary for your salvation.  Just your own thinking to make whatever choices by your faith to whatever you prefer.

4. Pope Francis now states that all major religions are paths to the same god.  However, he didn't openly say to the satan (rebeller), god of this evil world system, the antichrist.


(6)  The last nail in the satan's coffin for mankind is NOW the Emergent church (Warren, 2000 AD).   This total modern day Godless, satanically demon, teaching, the culmination of all the apostate traditional teachings of man through the centuries, is as follows.


Ø You are essentially created, born, by your god as a potential little god yourselves, filled by his spirit, which inhabits all material objects on earth.


Ø All people are no longer needing to concern themselves with the doctrines or prophecies of the Bible which served only for a time to bring us to our awakening of a New World Order, a new age, my supreme creation, satan says.


Ø All you must do is direct your mind to your inner being to be led by a spirit or spirit guides of my universal spirit.


Ø I will lead you into a universal brotherhood of all men inhabited by me, satan; you will then experience universal peace and prosperity.


Ø Your world leaders then also inhabited to lead you, are to be obeyed without question, as I will be leading them also.


SUMMARY,  ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURES FOR MANKIND, Read it and weep for the lost.  The end of this Age of sinful flesh natured man is actually near.

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ (Col 2:8).


But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition (Matt 15:3)?



American Constitution = only moral standards of God in a people can secure liberty and happiness of people who oppose excess of intolerant human government.

“Government is not reason… is force, like fire..never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”  George Washington.  Conservatism = wants original traditional Biblical Constitutionalism of USA as a republic. 

Present Populist Government is NOT following Constitution.  Democracy (social majority) is NOT what America was founded upon. but upon moral standards of God for individual rights, called a REPUBLIC.   The starting of the promotion for so-called Democracy in this country is the downfall of our God-promoting morally dictated original Republic.  Our country is now heading toward hell.

Thereby, only evil can now exist in our society and world.  America, founded as a Republic for individual rights under God, has gone astray by first acting as a Democracy in 1950-1960s, then becoming a individualist (populist, nationalist) focus, and soon awaiting socialism/globalists/multiculturalists/corporitists/statist (collectivists), a near majority by its people now.  Antichrist government will be next as Socialist Communist (antiChristian) Fascism. Yes, we only have a few years till satan's antichrist ruling the world appears on the scene.

Opposing concepts to Constitution:  Evil people, societal reforms by lost man with only godless self-determining:

Hegemony= leadership influence exercised over others

Pundit = one who offers his opinion to mass medias

Statist = belief that government should control social and economic policy.

Socialism = government should control ALL production, distribution, and exchanges (social or economic).  Fascism, same with one person dictator. What we are heading to be worldwide.

Corporatism = organizing society as corporations ruled by the state

Fascism = government marked by a dictator of centralized control of all

Sop = giving Standard Operating Procedure to someone in need

Neoconservatism = slight moderate conservatism adopted by former socialists from the new liberal counterculture in 1960-2000’s

New World Order = ruled by antichrist.

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