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4. Heretical New Age Church -> New Age Salvation Doctrines -> Summary of Three Salvation Belief Systems

Summary of the Three Salvation Belief Systems

Below we have summarized the three prominent views concerning salvation today: Pick whichever one you wish to believe or combinations thereof. But chose wisely according to the scriptures.

Calvinist Position

All saints in Heaven have persevered (been faithful at the end)     In the beginning, All saints (born again) by repenting and committing intend to persevere.           

Interim: If any fall, all recover, end well (persevere)           In the end, All saints (born again) do persevere, without fail.
Method of salvation:  When Christ died on the cross as a sinless person, He suffered the Wrath of His Holy Father of Truth for all the sins (past, present, and future) of the whole world (or for only all the sins of the elect only).  And this removal of sins for at least the elect is effective to only them because of a legal bookkeeping in Heaven Only.  This  is called an external righteousness or a synthetic righteousness by Calvinists, which is only a recording in Heaven.  Man is never in Eternity adopted as Sons of God; this can never be done.  Yet if a person does not live in righteousness and Holiness through his death, this shows he was not elected (legally justified by God's inscrutible choice of the elect and legally recorded righteous only in Heaven.  Man's faith is given only after he is inscrutibly elected; and this faith is only his mental notations, trust, or accepting of Christ's death for him and a desire to please God through eternity.

Man is saved:  Man is given no choice in his initial salvation or ultimate salvation whatsoever.

Final Judgment: Final Judgment is based upon whether elected or not (Zapped like a lightning bolt from Heaven) without any choice of your own.  Then they are all judged with all people of the world, only by whether they were those among the inscrutibly elected or not.

Summary: All who are born again by election persevere and end well. If any fall away and end in that state, proves never born again by election. Therefore, apostasy is not possible for a truly born again person.  (God deceives many to make them think they are born again.)    God grace to us is God's Riches at Christ's Expense, or Undeserved favor.

All effectual promises are only to those (truly) repenting and believing (committing to) their Lord Jesus Christ at the time of their election

Arminian Position

All saints in Heaven have persevered (been faithful at the end)           In the beginning, All saints (born again) by repenting and committing intend to persevere.           

Interim: If any fall, only some recover, end well (persevere).

Method of salvation:  When innocent sinless Christ died on the cross, He did so with the agreement of His Heavenly Father before the foundation of the world, in this foreseen need of sin removal for their new creation of a man and woman.  Christ's purpose of dying on the cross was to Justly, as only God could do, remove the sin nature of man acquired in the Garden by the fallen satan, and to give man a new inner nature of God Himself by which to live a righteous and Holy Life till his loss of the sinful flesh nature in death, to be taken to Heaven as a now completely totally Holy New Creation to inhabit Heaven as an adopted Son of God among His Angels.

Man is saved: Only by his initial God given choice from the moment of man's creation, responding to the Holy Spirit enlightening his understanding.  And his going to Heaven is totally by his choice to serve his chosen Lord and Master by repenting (rejecting his sinful self nature) and committing his life thereafter to his Lord.   He is then indwelt in his spirit by the Holy Spirit Mind of Christ, which is faith.   He is then adopted into the family of God as adopted Sons of God, only to be established finally in Heaven as such after shedding their sinful natures in their death.  Then whether he perseveres, in obedience to His Heavenly Father according to the spiritual gifts, teachings, guidance, and empowerments, of the Holy Spirit Mind of Christ now in him, is his choice as well.  His salvation is purely upon his choice to allow God in him, have His works through him, or not.  This is called the grace of God.  His grace is His method.  His faith is His means.  Grace (Method)of God is, "Christ in you (faith, His means), through your obedience, doing what you cannot do."  We are not saved by our works, nor our faith, but by His faith, by His grace, and His works through us (Eph 2:8-10 and the rest of the scriptures).         

Final Judgment:  In the end, some saints (born again) do persevere to the end.  But perhaps most will not, by following the lust of their still existent flesh nature. lusts of the eyes (territory), or pride of life (power).  Many are called (an inward calling), few chosen.  However, those who do persevere are taken to Heaven because they continued in the end to serve the Lord even to death in the original means started at their first turning from self, sin, and the devil, to follow Christ within them.  Then they are all judged with all people of the world, by a totally simple but totally Just and impartial means, as to their works through the grace of God, as accounted at the end of their life on earth.

Summary: Some who are born again persevere and end well.  If any fall away and end in that state, proves apostasy or reprobation, ending the same as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. 

All effectual promises are only to those (truly) continuously repenting and continuously believing (committing to), by their own choice, their Lord Jesus Christ, faithful to the end.

New Age Fundamentalism, Dispensationalism (since 1908, the Scofield Bible introduced)
Hold to two totally different standards of salvation than Historic Christianity.

(1) Hold to a totally different standard of new birth than Historic Christianity.                                          Only trust in a Savior.  No repentance, commitment of any kind, no Lordship, no obedience, no moral change required.  Human unregenerate trust is saving faith.  Whatever one thinks is God's will and does it is doing a good work in faith.  Unconditional eternal security to anyone that trusts Christ as his Savior only.

(2) All saints in Heaven may or may not have persevered (been faithful at the end)           In the beginning, All saints (born again???) need not intend to persevere.           

Interim: If any fall, no need to recover (but preferable), all end well anyway.           
In the end, Some (or all) do not persevere but all get a free pass to Heaven, regardless

Summary: After (born again?) nothing makes any difference for salvation, all go to Heaven regardless All effectual promises are to anybody that ever gives mental affirmation to history and promise of Christ as Savior for Heaven, regardless.

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