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3. Fundamental Integration -> Hermeneutics -> Definition & Introduction

Biblical Hermeneutics
Introduction: Hermeneutics: The endeavor of understanding anything by exacting rules of "rational thinking."

Biblical Hermeneutics: Applying the "rational rules" of thinking to the meaning of scriptures.

Those who have had any reading or teaching concerning Hermeneutics in Bible interpretation will be profoundly startled by what we are going to say in this Section of articles, particularly if you have gone to a Bible School or Seminary (Cemetery, coming out as dead men walking).  

Most of the principles taught concerning Biblical interpretation are perhaps true, but only half-truths (lies), and, therefore, are extremely misleading.  What we are after is "the" Truth, Absolute.
   Otherwise, don't waste your time.

[[   We highly respect those whose knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew is excellent  Without Providential preservation of scripture demanded, with maximum certainty, we are following the logic of unbelief and maximum uncertainty of the modern deviant textual critics.  Only those of historic understanding about preservation can reliably tell us where textual corruptions have occurred through the centuries. We are thankful for John William Burgon, Edward Miller, Robert Lewis Dabney,  Fredrick Scrivener, Frederick Nolan, Herman Hoskier, Solomon C. Malan, G.W. Samson, Andrew Miller, Edward Freer Hills, G. W. Anderson, Terrance Brown, Wilbur Pickering, Donald A. Waite, Jack Moorman, D.O. Fuller, and the many others whose labors in the original languages have helped so much in this history distinction about preservation of original scriptures. Their detailed knowledge and devotion to the original languages have given us very detailed knowledge of the differences between the two texts now available in our Bibles today (the Textus Receptus (Majority text) and Masoretic used only in the KJV and Scrivener and "original" Geneva Bible in this country as contrasted to the Wescott & Hort/Alexandrian Egyptian text in all the other translations filling the bookstores).  Important..See footnote. 1

But when it comes to doctrines that these scriptures teach, to interpret doctrines in light of their knowledge and understanding of the originals, they unfortunately use their starting beliefs and doctrinal biases learned in Bible Schools and Seminaries (Cemeteries, coming out as dead men walking).
And what different interpretations may we get from those of differing a priori, starting, beliefs and doctrines? How can we trust anyone's doctrinal beliefs? We can't.

In that hour Jesus Rejoiced in Spirit, and Said, "I thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that Thou hast hid These Things from the wise and prudent, and hast Revealed Them unto babes: even so, Father; for so It seemed Good in Thy Sight."    Matt 11:25-26 and Luke 10:21  Established !!

It is our belief that God has written into His word a safeguard that even those of child-like understanding may discern the pure meaning of His Word. We believe that no prophecy or scripture is of any private interpretation. We believe that His little children, without having to depend upon the differing doctoral debates (each with their many a priori, starting, beliefs and biases), may be able to resort to a God-given method to come to their own unanimous single understanding. Doesn't His Word teach this?   ]]

*****     It seems ludicrous (absurd) to talk so much about how to properly interpret the Bible (Hermeneutics), when a adolescent or an ignorant adult can get All the Salvation Truth there, if they only knew how to read inductively as a little child first reads. And even today, fewer people are reading and studying anything requiring mental focusing with inductive thinking because of focusing on a hand held computers of video (pictures), which cause only deductive thinking, but demonstrated under studies of modern IPhone users to be causing great mental deterioration in our world wide societies   This is because very few of us enter adult life in modern societies without having been drowned in deficiencies in mental focusing by modern IPhones and teachers of so-called education.  Nobody thinks they are ignorant.   So societies  have become so filled with biases and mental deficiencies that we are totally ruined and incapable of reading the scriptures as a little child
to whom the scriptures are written (born to think inductively, not deductively as learned when they go to so-called schools) .  It seems that then it takes all the powers of Heaven to get an adult to understand that scripture is written to little children, only doing inductive thinking.     *****###

Study  this Section 3. Fundamental Integration -> Hermeneutics -> Three Basic Agreements -AND- the Free Ebook, Our Creator God, Appendix E and G, for complete and easily understandable explanation of Inductive and Deducting thinking.  Also, any Advanced Philosophy College course would explain the simple differences about them. Unfortunately, All Bible Schools today and All Seminaries today teach that ONLY deductive thinking is "Logical" Biblical interpretation and have no understanding of what inductive thinking is in the least.

Hence, this website and this article on Hermeneutics, detailed for understanding how a little child learns and reads.......simply by distinguishing differences by inductive thinking in meanings between different words (including Greek lemmas or Hebrew roots).  Period.  But you must learn what we say here as to WHY we do what we do and to understand HOW to do it--read the Bible like a little normal child. 

All Bible schools and Seminaries and preachers and teachers today do just the opposite of what you are going to learn in this website on Hermeneutics.  So apostasy reigns throughout the world today, and everybody is using the Bible to justify themselves in whatever they wish to believe or do.   TOTAL INSANITY in the satan's (rebeller) world kingdom, that most forget we are living and going to school in !!

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