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2. Fundamentals vs. New Age -> Believing vs New Age Believing -> Fundamental Definition

Fundamental Believing

The real basic reason there is so much confusion within so-called Christianity today is because satan has in most cases hidden an understanding of the "basis" of salvation in man by repentance and believing(committing) for (eis, meaning "for result of" in every instance 1793 times in Greek Textus Receptus)1  the Lord Jesus Christ.   And most definitely hidden is the "means" of God's saving and working through man by faith.

The satan has succeeded in perverting through doctrines taught in Bible schools, a very confused understanding of what repentance and believing really are, and most successfully a total blindness of what faith is.

By perverting these very clear scripturally (scripture is self defining) defined terms, the satan has led most of professing Christianity into total doctrinal chaos. And the so-called Christians are totally blind to their ignorance.

If an unregenerate person who does inductive (scientific) thinking would study this subject of spiritual blindness of so-called Christians today and compare their beliefs to these Bible definitions, I believe the Holy Spirit would illuminate His mind to a saving surety of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ who came to us outside of time and space. He would have to conclude that, indeed, there is an "evil" in this world that blinds men's minds, and, therefore. a "good" in this world, a saving God of Love, Mercy, Holiness, and Justice.

Sometimes in God's grace an illumination to the power of raw "evil" is extremely helpful in a man's commitment to "good." An intense study of the scriptural definitions of repentance and believing and faith, I believe will do just that.

Believing = committing (subjecting yourself to be under the orders of another) of your total self and existence to your Lord Jesus Christ and to His Merciful and Eternal Godhead for Eternity.

In the scriptures, the Greek word pistuo in God's Word is first translated into English by man in 1525 AD as "believing or to believe," and unfortunately, later not changed by King James's mandate which is explained further below.    The definition of it will not be found in the satan's world dictionary as many foolishly think.  The single True meaning of any of the scripture words cannot be found in any worldly Lexicons or dictionaries of the satan's world.  The meaning of every scripture word can only be found by comparing scriptures to scriptures containing each word (1 Cor 2;13).  The method of doing this and all the applicable details for doing this simply and accurately are described in Section on Hermeneutics in Doffun, and in Appendix E and G, Inductive and Deductive Thinking, and Knowing Scripture, in our free E-book, "Our Creator God.".

In the second article after this (see Index to left), you will see why pisteuo means "to commit" and NOT "to believe, as being just any mental notation of recognition or trust or whatever, found in the satan's world dictionary."

The obviously repenting Philippian jailer who fell down before Paul and Silas pleaded, "What must I do that I should be made saved?" "And then they Spoke, You must Commit by your choice with Intent to the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be Made Saved, and your home." Acts 16:30-31, TPW, The Pure Word.  Paul saw his earnest change of intentions (repentance) by his words and behavior. It seems that God overseeing the world of men is quick to save and heal the trembling heart of any, whenever they truly repent and want to commit themselves totally in obedience to their Lord and Savior. 

The Calvinists together with all modern Dispensationalists MUST redefine all scriptural words to support their demonic blindness. The modern Dispensationalists, whom we call "grace" regardless are even multiple times worse than the corrupt Calvinists, who could never dream being, in their corrupt redefinitions of child simple scripture words.  This website is dedicated to detailing their corruptions of doctrine.   The satan's thinking is called Deductive Thinking, and all his subjects are recognized as being masters at Deductive Thinking also.  See Deductive Thinking.   

Despite their devout and sincere intentions, we have errant English translations of God's Holy Pure inerrant Greek and Hebrew Words handed down to us, from these early courageous and often martyred Lutheran (1517)-Calvinist (1535) English (Anglican) translators.   We owe all our English Christianity to these martyrs for our Lord.    Their sacrifical desparate and exceedingly hard struggles under the worst of circumstances, and needed secrecy from the murderous Roman Catholics,  deserve our Eternal wonderment and gratitude. But, unfortunately, their early Lutheran-Calvinism understanding was all that they knew.  

We, today, with our computer softwares and ability to produce a "nearer" accurate one word translation for every God-pure single Greek word is without excuse.  Our excuses are disgusting.   Today, our deductive thinking is demonic, and has captured our society in blindness and perversions.   (The Holy Spirit and the scriptures allow only inductive thinking with concepts).

Dear reader, please understand we are talking about having a translation from God's Perfect Pure Greek or Hebrew by fallible men of their own admission.  They never professed to give us a Perfect inerrant English translation, as many so-called Fundamental Baptists, so blindly insist we have today. 

However, any person with a pure attitude of seeking absolute Truth as a little child, BY THE AID OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, will be totally enlightened into all Truth (John 16:13) as to the meaning of the scriptures and led to a New birth-from-above and an enlightened Life of Holy Living on this earth, despite the frail translations of man.  Doctrines are to be learned from the scriptures, but they need something else.  Yes, indeed, all the total apostates (Cessationists), say we only need the Holy Scritures.   They need the Holy Spirit to ILLUMINATE HIS TRUE WORD TO THEIR HEARTS and OVERCOME all the errant and even deliberate changes of God's Pure Perfect Greek Scriptures given by frail errant men who translate His words to all languages.    This is why Jesus said:

"Nevertheless I tell you the Truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send Him unto you.
And when He is come, He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
Of sin, because they believe not on Me;
Of righteousness, because I go to My Father, and ye see Me no more;
Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.
I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Tuth, is come, He will guide you into all Truth: for He shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will shew you things to come.
He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you" (John 16:7-15).

Despite their devout and sincere sacrificial intentions, for which we must be Eternally grateful, we have some false translations of God's Holy Pure Greek and Hebrew Words handed down to us from these early courageous and often martyred Lutheran (1517)-Calvinist (1535) English (Anglican) translators.  William Tyndale (first printed English NT, 1526) was burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic church in October 6, 1536.  John Rogers took up the pen when his friend William Tyndale was martyred.  He completed the unfinished OT books into English in 1537, calling the completed Bible translation the Matthews Bible, after his pen name,Thomas Matthew.  For this he, too, was arrested and eventually burned at the stake on Feb 4, 1555.   Miles Coverdale (1539) put together the Great Bible, by its size, authorized by Henry VIII for Church of England, but was deficient in having only the OT from the Latin Vulgate; Geneva Bible(1560), 80-90% Tyndale and first all English OT from Hebrew but with Calvinist notes throughout; the Bishops Bible (1568) and revised in 1572 by the Church of England to replace their defective Great Bible and the Calvinist notes in the Geneva Bible; and finally, the King James Version (1611) by 47 English ltranslators ordered by King James I, but some estimate they retained 83% NT and 76% OT by Tyndale, with the King James mandated (ordered) purpose given  (1) to limit the Puritan (like the Anabaptists since Christ, but in England) influence on this new translation, and (2) supporting the Anglican Bishops and hierarchy of clergy, and (3) to emphasize the word church in place of assemblies, and (4) to retain all the words from the Bishops Bible unless absolutely necessary to change.  (See the full list of mandated 14 rules to the Translators governing them in the process of translation.  See footnote.2 )

These translators and the many other translators knew nothing but Lutheran-Calvinism in their English Universities at Cambridge and Oxford and at Geneva, Switzerland under Beza, Calvin's successor.  Also, any sincere efforts of the translators to correct, improve, or clarify the previous translations were hindered and corrupted throughout by the 14 rules insisted upon by King James before the translation began.
  So the KJV was effectively prevented to be an improvement by King James.3The scriptures of the New Testament were given to us by God through the Greek Koine language, rapidly spread throughout the early church, from British Isles to China by 200 AD, in the form of the Textus Receptus and Latin forms of it.   All early manuscipt evidence and history demonstrates this.   The Greek word, pisteuo, a verb, used 247 times in the Textus Receptus of the New Testament, has been translated by the early Luthern-Calvinist translators as "to believe."   In all of the 247 times it could have been translated  "to commit," with total coherence to the context, but in eight times it could only be sensibly translated as relating "to commit," which they did.   

But in their "Christian freedom" as they said in the Preface to the Bible presented to King James, they "freely" translated the words (in this case, more suitably meaning "to commit" in all instances) as "to believe," especially when referring to the means of our salvation. [[ Note: King James rules took precedence ]]       See this website,
Atonement Greek Scriptures and Justification -Teachings today. Their reasoning for these bias slanted translations is obvious to some, as because of their Calvinist beliefs and King James's stipulations as to retaining all the words of Bishops Bible if at all possible, and to maintain the hierarchy of the Anglican Bishops and promote Anglican churches, to suppress any Puritan influence.

If they had translated this word pisteuo as "to commit," as it fits every one of its contextual uses better than "believe" does,  it would imply man doing something responsibly of his own choice, as the Greek parsing of the verb plainly indicates to Greek grammar understanding.  But the average person reading the Bible given for an intended child's understanding, has the word pisteuo (present active participal) translated "believeth" implying that man can simply mentally affirm or trust and not do anything as responsible as to be continuously committing of his own volition as in John 3:16,   "pisteuon eis auton," for the result of (eis) Him (the Lord risen Christ, only begotten Son, Acts 13:33, Phil 2:8-11).   See the next article following this, Believing
on Him, not a Promise.

Additionally, for the KJV translation, King James mandated (ordered "rules") the translators certain instructions intended  (1) to limit the Puritan (like the Anabaptists since Christ, but in England) influence on this new translation; (2) mandated certain Greek and Hebrew words were to be translated to uphold the traditional (Calvinist, Church of England) concepts of "church" and not be translated to say assemby or congregation; (3) to guarantee upholding the terms Bishops and official offices of the Church of England (Anglican, background of Calvinism, and disliking the Presbyterianism of government by lay elders) and upholding the traditional Anglican beliefs about an ordained clergy necessary; and (4) to retain all the words [invented by Calvinist (Roman Catholic) biased] from Tyndale  through Bishops Bible unless absolutely necessary to change (King James, His Bible, and Its Translators, 2006, pages 20 and 45-48.) also (Lewis History of the English Bible and The Men Behind the KJV by Gustavus S. Paine, The 14 rules prepared on behalf of church and state by Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London and high-church of Anglican, approved by His manjesty, King James.).

And King James was no saint; he even burned at the stake Edward Wightman, a Baptist preacher, on April 11, 1611. And held in prison, another Baptist pastor, Thomas Helwys, who wrote the first defense of full religious liberty in the English language in 1612, named A Short Declaration on the Mystery of Iniquity, and sent a signed autographed copy of it to King James, who then imprisoned Welwys and his wife (by King James) in 1612 in which Helwys died in 1616 at 40 years of age. King James was not a good man, by any means, and wanted a translation, KJV 1611, to uphold the hierarchy and doctrines of the Anglican church.

This KJV retained translation of pisteuo, "to believe" by Tyndale's original translation, instead of "to commit," implies to people now in our days, since about 1720 when a Calvinist, John Glas first started teaching the one could be saved simply by a mental notation of believeing or trusting something.  This became known later in New England as Sandemanianism, and became the basic teaching of Dispensationalism starting in 1830 by John Nelson Darby.  Only a changed human mental notation and trust as necessary for Calvinism's Elective (zapping) "grace" alone teachings.  This refusal to translate it as "to commit" as it clearly was throughout the scriptures, prevented any implication that man's right-of-choice was in any way involved, perverting all salvation and church doctrines thereafter by their Calvinism and early and later Baptist teachings, much like the so-called Fundamental Baptist today, (who are not in any manner the Blessed Anabaptists since time of Christ ).  

And these totally destructive teachings were in clear contradiction to the Greek verb forms of tense, aspect, voice, and mood parsing of the Greek verb pisteuo, to commit.    Additionally, their translation of " to believe" is always put in the past tense, whenever possible, to support their Calvinist one time zapping election of those whom, the scriputres say, are "being saved" or "are believing."  And their very conspicuous omission of any Active voice ("by your choice") of any verb in translation screams out in wonderment.    Instead of translating it as continuous Tense ("is being saved") they tried to cover it with the contrived Past tense ("saved") as (1 Cor 1:18; 1 Cor 15:2; 1 Pet 4:18; 2 Cor 2:15; etc.),  or "believeth" throughout the scriptures, even when they didn't speak such English as "believeth" in that time.   The word pisteuo, to commit (to subject yourself to the orders of another), as explained in articles following, would be the best translation, instead of believe (a mental notation only today), in every instance.  Their translation was meant to better support their Calvinist-Catholic biases (totally taken from Augustine) as mandated by King James, and further destroy any NT understanding by later Sandemanian and Dispensational teachings, which would not be possible otherwise. See The False New Age Doctrines First Began

Detailing the dreadful start under King James for our Gospel Blindness and supporting numerous false teachings and doctrines today:

their Election zapping upon unconscious choice-less men to Heaven regardless, instead of man obeying a command of God to do something actively himself in this salvation by his choice "to repent" (turn for his own ways) and "to commit" himself to serving Lord Jesus Christ.   "Be repenting and be committing in the gospel" (Mark 1:15), are in the present continuous active imperative mood in the Greek, a command to people to do continuously (present-continuous, active-of own volition, indicative-in reality of the person) throughout their lives.   Another illustration, Acts 5:32 says, "God hath given the Holy Spirit to those that obey (present, active, part. --actually means, 'are continuously being persuaded') by Him" (dative).  There are a multitude of such wordings placed in the KJV, against the actual Greek, by the Calvinist translators to take any implication of continuing responsibility away from man during his new-born Life

Word's were frequently changed to overlook a man's choice of obedience to Holiness and Truth of faith (Jesus Christ) within him, prevalent throughout.  Here is an obvious example, from many: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not [[ is actually, (not pisteuo to believe, but apeitheo, to be disobedient, to the Son (dative) ]] the Son (not accusative as here) shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him" (John 3:36).  This corruption of plain Greek scriptures is found throughout their translation, and an obvious attempt to conform to Calvinist teachings.  Man never has salvation choice in Calvinism.  And their efforts to disregard any case endings as here, or even add words, to make their changes coherent never hindered them in the least.

As often as possible they translate the present continuous tense or aspect as past tense referring to "saved," instead of "being saved" (continuous aspect), as in illustrated by 2 Cor 2 15, "For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved (Present, pass. part.), and in them that perish (Present, middle, part.)," and in 1 Cor 1 18, "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish (Present, middle, part.) foolishness; but unto us which are saved (Present, passive, part.) it is the power of God."    This masking of the present tense and totally ignored voice aspects of participles is masked and lied about throughout the entire New Testament by the Calvinist translators.  And this is only speaking of the least of what they did in translating the Greek.

(2) Also to insure the hierarchy of clergy of the Anglican church (Bishops, etc.).  As illustration, see Hebr 13:7, 17, and 24, where we are falsely told to "obey those that have the rule over you," instead of translating it "Be persuaded by those who are highly esteemed among you."  Their obey and rule, is totally against the meaning of the Greek words "be persauaded by" and "to esteem."  Their translation teaches to have lords over God's heritage, which even contradicts other portions of their translation, which prohibits by admonitions of scripture in 1 Peter 5:2-3, prohibiting being lords over the Assembly or even taking money from them as also in 2 Thess, 3rd chapter; John 13:12-17; 1 Cor 9; and 1 Tim 5:17-19.  See link, Nicolaitanism for all the numerous scriptures about this.  God says twice that He hates Nicolaitanism.

(3) Most terribly, they gave us the Roman Catholic-Luthern-Calvinist-(later Dispensationalist-Charismatic) understanding of our Lords Restoration Atonement for us, which is totally false, not at all found in scripture, not efficacious at all in our Atonement, and actually blashemous to our Holy God and His Holy Son.  See this website, 
Atonement By God's Attributes  and Justification -Teachings today.  See the totally false and lying blasphemous translation of 2 Cor 5:21, as a most flagrant translation as one illustration.

(4) As little alteration of the Bishops Bible as possible was commanded by King James.  We find that dear William Tyndale's original first English translation (1526) was maintained in about 70% of the translation, with few original "originated English" doctrinal words made more consistant throughout or improved or even changed completely if better understanding was needed.  As illustration, they even retained the pagan word "Easter" used for pascha in Acts 12:4, which in all other 28 instances in NT is collectly translated "passover."  By New testament times the passover of the OT on Nisan 14, came to refer to the entire Nisan 14 and the 7 following days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Luke 22:1 and 7).  This is another instance of saying the translators were just using their "Christian freedom" to translate as they wished.  In their errant imginations, they whimsically disregarded the established NT idiom for "passover" and even the Greek word pascha, so thought anything beyond the 14th would be the pagan Easter (Estarte and Tammuz, celebration from ancient Babylon), being then celebrated by the pagans present. So in their assumed "Christian freedom," they again falsely translated, of course, with great scholarship.  And the so-called Fundamental ??? Baptists ??? today foam in their rabid disease about how dumb peaple are that object to the use of "Easter." 

Here are clear illustrations: (1) Instead of giving better translations of words for better understanding (making numerous changes to obscure with ecclesiastical words)
as: should be translated righteous instead of just; to made righteous instead of justification; Holiness instead of sanctification, to make Holy instead of sanctify; to be persuaded instead of obey (where falsely translated obey those pastors having the rule over you);  to highly esteem instead of rule or rule over you; to commit instead of to believe; and so forth and so forth.  Not to mention the numerous times that in the absence of Greek words (2) NO italics were used and (3) the absence of Greek words were replaced with numerous words definitely not necessary but change the meaning entirely, as no Greek words for "office of" (1 Tim 3:1; 1 Tim 3:10 and 13; and Heb 7:5, where there is no office of bishop or deacon or priesthood mentioned in Greek),  or no Greek words for "Him to be" sin in 2 Cor 5:21 (making this verse the most blasphemous in all of translations), and so forth, and so forth.
One can see that in all these changes and obscure meanings in the KJV, as well as the resulting modern translations, that the Calvinist biased KJV translators have corrupted understanding and caused their doctrines and also many other false resulting doctines to flourish in our time, and in ALL MODERN TRANSLATIONS which are exceedingly MUCH WORSE, even antichrtist in their translations.

As a result of these errant Calvinist scriptures (1500-1600),
(1) all modern (1900's) translations simply perpetuate the Calvinist-Catholic errors in the scriptures;
(2) with the further redefinitions by the modern "grace" regardless or Free Grace
apostates of later Dispensationalism in their teachings during the last 100 years (1900's) in this country, with their destructive humanistic lies concerning "believing" and most all doctrinal words in the scriptures, even changing what salvation and Christian mean, and
(3) since all people can "believe" as a mental notation as only requirement to salvation, we have now evolved into the Eastern mysticisms of god being in every person (panentheism) and god is all (pantheism) teachings of the Emergent church with its new "Christian worldview," the last needed preparation for the appearing of the global antichrist.  - God made the world but He is not the world (contrast pantheism) and He is not part of the world (contrast panentheism)

"A little (smallest) leaven, leaveneth the whole lump" (1 Cor 5:6 and Gal 5:9).

Now, today, we have a totally apostate "church" teaching that unconditional eternal security to go to Heaven is given to anyone who, at only a moment of time, makes a mental notation, believes, that Jesus Christ died for him, regardless of any intentions, behaviors, or beliefs before or thereafter.  As one dear brother once commented, This is total job security for the satan!!   This false teaching of unconditional security they refer to as the "finished work" of Christ to save us by His "grace" alone, through our own "faith=belief=trust" alone. This is total Pelagianism (man is good within himself alone) and satanic perversion of ALL redefined doctrines and ALL redefined doctrinal words in scriptures.  It is the satan's (rebeller) great work to be the "finished work" of Christ indeed.

And from this leaven in the translation of God's Pure and Perfect Word, the entire world's understanding of God is now totally perverted and the present day Emerging church has now arrived to introduce us to our end time religion, predicted by satan in the Garden of Eden, a universal god in each of us, without any distinctions of doctrines OR spirits.

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